Female Teacher Teaching class

Welcome to the discovery and development of your new language skills with the Specialists in Language teaching.

Have you engaged in language courses only to drop out half way through?

    Have you missed classes and then thought you were too far behind to catch up?

Have you joined a language class only to discover it was too hard/too easy?

                                                           NOT ANY MORE!

We have designed our classes to ensure you continue with your learning.

We want to inspire you with our love of languages!

If you miss a class, you can come to the next one. You can even change levels just to try them and change back if you like. And to promote our love of languages, we will let you experiment and try a class of a different language if you like.  It’s all about learning and having fun.

All our teachers are trained linguists and bi-lingual -so you can be sure they know exactly what it is like to learn a second language.

So now you’ve come to the right place to our new Tuition Centre in Dun Laoghaire offering

Personalised teaching – Max 8-10 students per class

                                      Flexible attendance Language Courses for adults. Join a class and keep your credit if you miss a class.

Choose between French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese

Our 8 week EVENING CLASSES are starting again. From only €98, with the flexibility to stop and start till you use up your credits*. Apply your credit to your next course. So if you can’t make it one night, come another! Change levels or experiment with another language**.