How is my level assessed?

Generally, students are assessed by our Trinity Academy online test before they arrive in our school.

On your first day your English level is further tested by our academic team, in both written and spoken elements.

When completed and marked, you will be placed in a class that is suitable for your test level.

Is there a Social Programme?

Yes, we run several cultural and tour activities throughout the year.

Students can join these as they please.

There may be extra costs for entrance fees, tour costs etc.

These include full day and half day tours, cultural activities and experiences

What time are classes?

All Just English! JustEnglish! Plus & JustEnglish Premium Classes start at 9.30 and finish at 12.15 or 12.45

There is a 15 minute break per class.


9.30-11.00 Class

11.00-11.15 Break

11.15-12.45 Class

Students studying exam courses have additional afternoon classes on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Fridays in the afternoon based on their chosen exam

14.00-15.45 Class

This will depend on their course schedule

What type of accommodation is available?

Students can choose between Homestay accommodation with host families or Apartment residences.

We work with numerous accommodation providers for our summer and winter courses.

Trinity Campus, Beckett Street Apartments,  Dominick Place

Accommodation is in:

  • City centre location
  • Direct access to school through DART service
  • Apartment sizes and options can vary
  • A €60 charge applies as a placement fee.

Prices vary depending on chosen accommodation

As a guideline: January – June and September – December 2019
€290 per week
As a guideline: July & August 2019
€310 per week
Where can I find out about VISA requirements for non-EEA Students?

You will find information for students who require Visas here.

Where is the school located?

We are located in the beautiful Dublin suburb of Dun Laoghaire on the main street at

The Glasshouse 2, Lwr. George’s Street,

Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Our Summer activity courses are conducted on the campus of the prestigious Institute of Art, Design & Technology in Dun Laoghaire,

IADT in Dun Laoghaire campus www.iadt.ie


Find out more information about the Trinity Academy Junior English summer courses

General rules for students under 18

Information for students under the age of 18

At the Trinity Academy  we take the care and supervision of all students very seriously, but especially those students who are under the age of 18.  Under Irish legislation, people under the age of 18 are classed as children. Therefore, we have many policies and procedures in place to ensure the well-being and safety of all students, and especially our younger students.

16 and 17 year olds studying in the adult school

We do accept students under the age of 18 in our adult school who will be mixed into classes with adult students. In order to ensure that these students feel secure and safe we make special provision for them. Namely, students aged 16 and 17 studying on adult courses:

  • Will have a special section giving specific information relevant to their age group in the induction
  • Will have a special meeting once every week as part of the social programme.
  • Will have regular social activities as part of the social programme just for under 18s
  • Must follow the curfew times and be home for set meal times
    • Students aged 16 or 17 must be home by 22.00 and they must obtain their host family’s permission if they wish to stay out after 22.00.
  • Must not go out in the evenings or anywhere out of the local area at weekends, except with prior permission from the school.
  • Must tell their host what they doing and where they are going in their free time.
  • There are appropriate numbers of staff trained in first aid
  • All of our staff receive child protection training and are Garda vetted (Police checked)
  • All homestay hosts receiving students under the age of 18 are Garda vetted.
  • Students have access to a 24 hour emergency phone number.

Students studying on the Junior Programme

We accept students between the ages of 12 and 17 on the Junior Programme. We have extensive safeguarding processes in place for these students. Namely:

  • Students will receive specific and detailed inductions. This induction covers
    • Laws relating to smoking/alcohol/drugs
    • What to do if they have a problem/who to call/how to call emergency services
    • What to do if they are arrested
    • Curfew times
    • How to deal with aggressive behaviour on the street
    • Importance of queuing /saying please / thanks you/ speaking quietly if in buses etc
    • Importance of speaking to us if they have a problem
  • There are appropriate numbers of staff trained in first aid
  • There are strict curfew times and rules for students under the age of 18. These curfew times are written in student handbooks and all of our host families are aware of these times.
Age Time
If you are aged 15 to 17 you must obtain your host family’s or group leader’s group leader’s permission if you wish to  stay out unsupervised and you must be  home by 22.00 provided your parent/guardian is agreeable to this. These students may be permitted to be in the family home alone, if both the host family and parent/guardian agree to this.
If you are aged 12 to 14 you must not leave the area of your home in the evenings, except with your group leader or on a school organised activity, and you must be home by 21:00 hours provided your parent /guardian is agreeable to this. These students are not permitted to be in the family home alone at any time. 
All students We expect you to go straight home to your host family after school in the afternoons. Your family will expect you home between 5.00 and 5.30pm. We recommend travelling to and from the school with another student where possible.
  • There are strict school rules, written in student handbooks, covering bullying and respecting other cultures
  • There is clear guidance about what students may and may not do in their free time, again to be found in student handbooks
  • Hosts are instructed to know of the whereabouts of their young students at all times when they are not in school and to have a contact phone number for them
  • There is a full time compulsory programme of study and activities 5 days a week and full day supervised excursion every weekend
  • We try to place group students in the same physical area so they can go home together
  • We take personal details from every student so that we have contact details for a responsible person back home whom we may contact in the event of an emergency
  • All of our staff receive child protection training and are Garda vetted (Police checked)
  • All homestay hosts receiving students under the age of 18 are Garda vetted (Police checked)
  • Students have access to a 24 hour emergency phone number.

Please note that we cannot supervise every student 24 hours a day, so there will be times when your son or daughter has free time. However, we try as far as possible to ensure that someone in authority knows where they are at all times, and that they have clear guidance as to what they may and may not do.

How much money should I bring?

Most of the students’ costs are covered by their course fees.

However, there may be additional costs for exhibition entrance fees, special tours, cultural events etc.

These on average can be between €15-€40 depending on the type of event we attend.

Students should budget for additional activity costs of upto €80 per week.

Students may wish to bring some additional spending money at their discretion.

We do not advise students travelling with large sums of cash.


Students are required to have a medical insurance policy when travelling to our courses.

The Trinity Academy can offer this insurance through our partners GuardMe.

European students are recommended bringing their E111 card also.

Is it possible to take a parent/child study holiday?

Currently, we are not running parent/child study courses.

However, if a parent travels with a child aged between 12-17, the parent may attend adult classes and the child the junior programme.

Special Dietary Requirements

Host families will be able to cater for special student dietary requirements provided we are given advanced notice.

There is a supplement for special dietary requirements.

For students with food allergies and intolerances, please contact us to discuss before travelling.

Travel to and from school

Students are allocated to family accommodation as close as possible to the school.

Host family accommodation is chosen close to public transport links to the school.

Students will not be required to travel more than 20/30 mins to school.

We try and place students in host families close to each other, so they can travel to and from the school together.

What is a typical host family like?

Host families can vary.

Most are working parents with children, or teenagers but some may have older children at home.

We always match our students with the host families most appropriate to their age group and needs.

What is most suitable for my child a family or college stay?

We recommend  a homestay option for students from 12-17 as they are safely monitored by our vetted hosts.

In addition, all their accommodation needs in terms of meals, laundry are all provided.

It means you have nothing to worry about.

What would a student’s typical day look like?

Students enjoy breakfast with their host family in the morning.

Students will start class at 9.30.  Students have a break of 10 mins at 11.am.

Class re-starts at 11.15 and continue until 12.45.

Students have lunch from 12.45 to 2pm.

From 2pm to 4pm students will be involved in social or cultural activities at the school.

On tour days students will be accompanied on a 1/2 day or full day tour.

Students leave school at 4 pm to return home.

On tour days, students may return home later. This can be  7pm or 8 pm.

Students have their evening meal with their family between 5-6pm.

Students will spend their evening in the host family home.

On some occasions we will meet for an evening activity depending on the suitability of students travelling back to the school.

On Saturdays we organise full day tours and on Sundays we may organise additional afternoon activities.

Students arrive and depart on Sundays.

Who collects the student from the airport?

Unaccompanied minors permitted to travel abroad, and arriving in Dublin, will be collected at the airport by a school representative and accompanied to their host family. The same will apply for the student’s return journey.

The cost of a return accompaniment is €120 in total.

We accept no liability for minors for whom alternative travel arrangements, to and from the airport, have been made by their parents/guardians.


To start a course, or find out more contact us on:

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