Just English! EFL English Courses

At the Trinity Academy, you will learn English in Ireland is with a PREMIUM, boutique and small class-focussed Academy. We will ensure that your specific language needs are catered for, with classes designed around student requirements rather than achieving course goals, including personal language plans and private tuition all included in your package.

You’ll love the warm atmosphere of our host families, and the cosy, friendly environment of our school. If that’s not enough, you’ll love Dublin nightlife and the opportunity to explore Ireland at your leisure and soak up the great history of this very ancient land….so book now to start learning English in Dublin.

                                                                 STUDENT FOCUSSED

SPEAK   Key English language patterns  Improve Fluency Gain Confidence 
LISTEN   Learn to scan language connectors   Become familiar with accents/regional variations
READ      Grasp key text concepts  Learn stylistic variations   Improve vocabulary
WRITE  Learn fluency tips       Improve your written work for Career or University

Grammar -Learn to understand patterns and eliminate mistakes
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Come with us to visit well know historic places in Dublin and surrounding areas.

Including Trinity College in the city centre  www.tcd.ie Trinity_College_Front_Square_1280x1024 truly madly

Explore the historic background of this ancient site of learning

Travel into the Long Room to visit a Library that will inspire you by simply looking at the stores of learning on its shelves

2014-08-12 14.58.19

Or visit the ancient manuscript of the Book of Kells
inspirational work of monks from the distance past and now you can get a peak-preview before you even come to Dublin!


2014-08-11 13.18.59

or come and visit St. Patrick’s Cathedral and Marsh’s Library.

Ever wonder where “Yahoo” came from

Dean Swift, the writer of Gulliver’s travels was the Dean of this cathedral.

His legacy lives on in our modern browsers!


2014-08-11 15.58.47
Come with us and visit

  • The Guinness Factory -learn to pull a pint

3 students at Castle 2014

  • Jameson Distillery – enjoy a true Irish tradition – the water of life
  • Visit Dublin Castle to discover the history of this city of a thousand years and more
  • Explore the city on Free walking tours
  • Visit Kilkenny castle to learn of Kings and battles
  • Malahide Castle – local history
  • Glendalough – The ancient history of vikings and monks

mixed-cliffs-photos-018_0cliffs-of-moherVisit the fabulous Cliffs of Moher – considered one of the most beautiful sites in the world!

Mine at Giant's causewayVisit the Giant’s causeway to explore the myths and folklore attached to the Irish landscape.