Business English Courses are conducted in the Irish Management Institute

We pride ourselves in the quality of our teaching and can provide courses that focus on your Company specific needs, training individual Company departments or cross-departments.

We will focus on your English needs for your Company and the course will be designed around those needs.
Places limited 8-10 Students maximum per course.

Make sure your staff are prepared. We will design bespoke English courses around your staff and your needs.

For Business students we conduct our English Business Courses in the beautiful training rooms of the Irish Management Institute, where students can also avail of the stunning residence rooms and facilities.


Programmes defined around individual business needs.

1. Needs Analysis conducted

2. SMART criteria evaluated (Specific Measurable Attainable Realist

3. Focus on achieving SMART criteria.

4. Pillars of English Language Learning with weighted importance

5. Final student report with goals for future learning

6. Continuous structured online programmes available

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email for quote for your organisation:  info@trinityacademyoflanguages.com.

Previous “Académiens” will avail of cost-saving fees for their organisation.

(BE15) Business English : 20 hours Professional -with or without cultural activities 

Want to improve your English skills in key areas?

Call us  01 254 2552  email admin@trinityacademyoflanguages.com for a quote


Human Resources

Come back for course updates! or email admin@trinityacademyoflanguages.com

Legal English
English for Customer Services
  •  All our Business English courses take place in the Business Campus of the Irish Management Institute: www.imi.ie/residence.com
  • Negotiations, Customer Services, Ordering, Presentations, Report writing.
  • We offer tailor-made Business English
  • Bespoke courses around your business needs and industry area. Vocabulary specific. Need-specific English courses for Corporates and small businesses.
  • Continuous tuition with our upcoming BBC English courses online to ensure you don’t lose what you’ve just learnt.
  • Comfortable accommodation on the campus Residence itself.
  • Cultural activities and networking opportunities if required
  • Minimum 8 -10 students for full residential course

All our Business English Group courses take place in the Business Campus of the Irish Management Institute: www.imi.ie/residence


Stay in the Residence rooms of the IMI Campus in 5 acres of tranquil greenery, 20 minutes from Dublin city centre and close to the biggest shopping centre in Ireland.

Sample rooms and facilities  click here for more details www.imiresidence.com